WG 1 workshop in Madrid, July 2018

26 May 2018

Monitoring and assessment of riparian vegetation in European countries

A workshop meeting has been organized in Madrid (10th and 11th of July 2018), at the Forestry School, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
The main goals of the meeting were:
i) To clarify riparian concepts, more precisely “riparian zone” and “riparian vegetation” concepts from theoretical and practical perspectives, in order to unify our different approaches dealing with CONVERGES topics.
ii) To review how riparian vegetation is being monitored and assessed across Europe, especially within the hydromorphological assessment procedures included in the River Basin Management Plants, in the context of the Water Framework Directive
iii) To start designing a new protocol to assess riparian vegetation status, pressures and changes across European countries

Contact : Marta González de Tanago – marta.gtanago[at]upm.es

List of the main presentations :

1. Introduction to the workshop (S. Dufour and P.M. Rodríguez-González)
2. Riparian zones-Riparian vegetation: Concepts and definitions (S. Dufour and P.M. Rodríguez-González)
3. Riparian vegetation: Knowledge conversion for understanding river functioning and status (Francisca Aguiar)
4. Phytosociological characterization of European Riparian vegetation (Dejan Mandzukovski)
5. Functional characterization of Spanish Riparian vegetation (Diego García de Jalón)
6. Riparian vegetation assessment in Denmark (Tenna Riis)
7. Riparian vegetation assessment in UK: Scotland (Roberto Martínez)
8. Riparian vegetation assessment in Spain (Vanesa Martínez-Fernández)
9. Riparian vegetation assessment in Portugal (Patricia Rodríguez)
10. Riparian vegetation assessment in France (Simon Dufour)
11. Riparian vegetation in Hungary (T. Kiss)
12. Riparian vegetation in Italy (N. LaPorta)
13. A hierarchical hydromorphological framework for developing multi-scale riparian vegetation characterization and assessment (Marta González del Tánago)