Next WG2 workshop in Iceland (September 2018)

A workshop meeting is organized in Iceland in September 2018 to work on visualisation of European responses to riparian vegetation degradation. See here

Riparian restoration: a no-regrets management option (Feld et al., 2018)

A recent review by Feld et al. shows that riparian management can provide consistent benefices to rivers : “Evaluating riparian solutions to multiple stressor problems in river ecosystems — A conceptual study” in Water Research

For details see here

Special Issue “Riparian Vegetation in River Functioning”

Call for papers : WATER special issue dedicated to “Riparian Vegetation in River Functioning” (Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2019)

For details, see here

Next WG1 workshop in Madrid (July 2018)

A workshop meeting is organized in Madrid in July 2018 to work on riparian vegetation status, pressures and changes across European countries. See here

Riverine Ecosystem Management/Book

A new book on riverine ecosystem management edited by the Boku – Vienna has just been released, see here.



The COST CONVERGES Action aims to establish a baseline in the state of knowledge regarding riparian vegetation and ecosystems. It is a network created to coordinate research efforts, to contribute to knowledge conversion between countries and actors (scientists, managers, policy makers, etc.) and to promote practitioners research interests in the scientific community.