STSM: second grant call is open

The details of the second STSM grant call for the COST CONVERGES programme are here, with a deadline for online applications of 29 Oct 2018. This call is intended to address our Grant Period 2 goals.

For any questions contact Rob Francis (STSM coordinator at robert.francis[at]

Participation of COST CONVERGES in SERE 2018

CONVERGES COST Action contributed to Society for Ecological Restoration Europe SERE2018: Restoration in the Era of Climate Change Conference (Reikjavik, 9-13 September 2018) with an oral communication titled “Knowledge transfer across regions, disciplines and stakeholders in riparian restoration: educational issues” in the Workshop “Ecological Restoration: Education, Training, Communication and opportunities for employability”.

See here

The CONVERGES network is still increasing!

  • In the proposal (December 2016), we were 28 countries and 36 proposers. Today (August 2018), we are 31 countries, 87 participants in the Management Committee and 138 registered people to mailing list.
  • In May, a new country joined the network. Lithuania is now represented by Ligita BALEŽENTIENĖ in the Management Committee, welcome to her !
  • And another one will also probably join soon. Indeed, on 26 April 2018 the Committee of Senior Officials of the COST association gave approval for Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/1999) to become a COST Near Neighbour Country (NNC) and Naim Berisha from the University of Prishtina – ‘Hasan Prishtina’ expressed his interest for our Action.

Next WG2 workshop in Iceland (September 2018)

A workshop meeting is organized in Iceland in September 2018 to work on visualisation of European responses to riparian vegetation degradation. See here

Riparian restoration: a no-regrets management option (Feld et al., 2018)

A recent review by Feld et al. shows that riparian management can provide consistent benefices to rivers : “Evaluating riparian solutions to multiple stressor problems in river ecosystems — A conceptual study” in Water Research

For details see here



The COST CONVERGES Action aims to establish a baseline in the state of knowledge regarding riparian vegetation and ecosystems. It is a network created to coordinate research efforts, to contribute to knowledge conversion between countries and actors (scientists, managers, policy makers, etc.) and to promote practitioners research interests in the scientific community.