The network is growing

In the proposal (December 2016), the COST Action CONVERGES partners were 28 countries and 36 proposers. Today (June 2019), we are 31 countries, 99 participants in the Management Committee and 166 registered people to mailing list.
In June, a new country joined the network. Moldavia is now represented by Veaceslav GHENDOV, Nina CIOCÂRLAN, Aliona MIRON, Olga IONITA in the Management Committee, welcome !

Missions grant (May 2019 – April 2020)

A call  for STSM grants is open, deadline 30 June 2019 ; See here

COST Action CONVERGES / Activities 2019-2020

The work and budget plan of the COST Action CONVERGES for the period May 2019 to April 2020 has been validated. It contains 1 training school, 4 meetings, somes grants for scientific missions and conference grants. Please find a summary of the main scheduled actitivies (and contacts) here

Workshop Genetic conservation and riparian restoration / September 2019

The COST Action CONVERGES organises a workshop dedicated to riparian vegetation genetic conservation and restoration measures in September 2019 ; see here

Two-thirds of the world’s longest rivers no longer run free

About two-thirds of the world’s longest rivers are no longer free flowing, compromising their ability to move sediment, facilitate fish migration, and perform other vital ecosystem services, according to a new study.See here and here



The COST CONVERGES Action aims to establish a baseline in the state of knowledge regarding riparian vegetation and ecosystems. It is a network created to coordinate research efforts, to contribute to knowledge conversion between countries and actors (scientists, managers, policy makers, etc.) and to promote practitioners research interests in the scientific community.