2020 Annual Meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece) – 12-13th February 2020

The 2020 annual meeting of the COST Action CONVERGES is organised in Thessaloniki (Greece).


Wednesday 12th February

9h00-9h15 Welcome

9h15-10h30 Keynote presentation : David M. Merritt, PhD, Forest Service, National Stream and Aquatic Ecology Center, USA

10h30-11h00 Break

11h00-12h30 Working Group 1

  • Introduction, Overview of activities in WG2
  • Assessment method
  • Pressures and global changes
  • Ecosystems services
  • Phytoecological approaches
  • Overall open discussion

12h30-14h00 Lunch

14h00-14h30 Working Group 4

14h30-15h00 Land4flood COST action presentation (Jason Papathanasiou)

15h00-15h30 Break

15h30-17h00 Working Group 2

  • Introduction, Overview of activities in WG2
  • Riparian restoration review
  • Genetic Conservation
  • Remote sensing
  • Management, legislation and stakeholder awareness
  • Overall open discussion

Thrusday 13th February

9h00-10h40 Working Group 3 Establishing misalignments in riparian knowledge and priorities for knowledge conversion for enhanced management (Kick-off)

10h40-11h45 Break / poster / collective works

11h45-12h30 Developing new projects, applying for new funds

12h30-14h00 Lunch

14h00-15h00 Open session :

  • Tomasz Okruszko, Flood-pulse impact on riparian/floodplain vegetation.
  • Antoni Mas Ponce and Sonia Sánchez Mateo, Long term monitoring observatory
  • Cvetanka Cvetkoska, Functional characteristics of riparian vegetation along Pcinja River in Macedonia
  • Hanna Hajdukiewicz, Riparian forests changes along Polish Carpathian rivers
  • Ellis Penning, Google earth engine for floodplain vegetatin monitoring

15h00-17h00 Management Committee COST Action CONVERGES


contact : local organiser (Eleni Abraham, eabraham@for.auth.gr) and Action chair (Simon Dufour)