Agenda Pruhonice

The agenda of the annual meeting of the COST Action CONVERGES (3-4th April 2019):

Wednesday 3th April

9:00-9:10 Introduction

9:10-10:10 Keynote presentation Patrick Shafroth, USGS: Restoration of riparian systems in western North America: environmental flows to dam removal

10:10-10:40 Open session

  • Ellis Penning et al.: Monitoring and predicting floodplain vegetation development on national scale using Sentinel-based analysis in the Google Earth Engine
  • Jiří Jakubínský et al.: Mapping environmental state of riparian habitats of small streams in agricultural-forest landscape

10:40-11:00 Break

11:00-12:30 Working Group 1

  • 5 min: introduction
  • 15 min: European Riparian Vegetation status Assessment: Protocol Proposal 
  • 10 min: Relationships between pressures and Status: Protocol Proposal and Collaboration with WG2
  • 10 min: Phytosociological approach
  • 10 min: Definition/Delineation issues
  • 10 min: Ecosystem Services Review
  • 30 min: Overall open discussion: What we have done, what we have to do next. Conclusions 

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:40 Working Group 4

  • 20 min: Presentation
  • 20 min: Discussion

14:40-15:00 Break

15:00-17:00 Management Committee COST Action CONVERGES


Thursday 4th April

9:00-10:40 Working Group 2

  • 5 min: Overview of the Selfoss meeting: 6 topics identified within WG 2
  • 15 min: Riparian restoration review
  • 15 min: Riparian genetic resources conservation in Europe
  • 20 min: Remote sensing review + copernicus data
  • 15 min: Current management & Legislation + Public & Stakeholder awareness
  • 30 min: Overall open discussion: What we have done, what we have to do next. Conclusions

10:40-11:45 Break / poster / collective works

11:45-12:30 Open session

  • Bruna Gumiero et al.: Riparian vegetation application for citizen science activities
  • Ali Kavgaci et al.: Diversity and Gradients of Floodplain Forests in the Euxine Turkey
  • Roey Egozi et al.: Eco-Hydro-Geomorphological Assessment of River Restoration Project: Nahal Tzipori as a Case Study

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Open session

  • Philippe Janssen et al.: Accelerated succession in novel riparian forest ecosystems with long-term impact legacies, evidence from cross-comparison with a reference site
  • Daniel Bruno et al.: LIFE+ RIPISILVANATURA: Aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity responses to ongoing riparian restoration actions
  • Jan Douda et al.: Towards formalized classification of riparian forests in southeastern Europe
  • Stefano Gobbi et al.: Detection of changes in riparian vegetation in Piana Rotaliana (Italy): Comparison of three different fluvial systems

15:00-16:00 Break / poster / collective works

16:00-16:40 Working Group 3

  • 20 min: Presentation
  • 20 min: Discussion

16:40-17:00 Conclusion