Riverwoods – Evidence review

the Riverwoods Science Group publish this report, which is a review of the science supporting different benefits of riparian and other river woodland.

Key aims of the evidence report

  1. To provide a broad indication of the most up-to-date scientific evidence underpinning the environmental benefits that river woods provide for Scotland.
  2. To present quantified evidence of river woods functionality.
  3. To classify the strength of the evidence based on the quality of studies to provide a level of confidence in woodland measures for investment purposes.

Audience & beneficiaries

The evidence in this technical science report will be valuable to a range of users including financial investors, businesses, land and river managers, Scottish Government and its agencies. The beneficiaries for specific benefits have been outlined in each benefit section.

See here: https://www.riverwoods.org.uk/resource/riverwoods-evidence-review/