Institution :

Université du Québec à Rimouski

Type of activity :


Themes of expertise :

Biogeomorphology, Hydrogeomorphology, River Ice Dynamics, Riparian Management/Restauration

Areas of work :

Quebec, Canada. Principally in Gaspesie' rivers which are dominated by cold temperate climate.

Biography :

Currently doing a in geography. The project's aim is to explore the role of ice disturbances (ice jam and ice break up) in conditioning the interactions between riparian vegetation and river morphodynamics. I intend to continue doing research into the field of fluvial biogeomorphology in the future. Very few studies focusing on fluvial biotic-abiotic interactions has been done in Quebec. I hope to 1) contribute in the development of this new field of study, 2) motivate Quebec science community to go further in the understanding of those interactions and 3) be able to help in proposing new nature-based solutions in river management.